Liverpool Print Fair

Liverpool Print Fair is an artist-led event and a celebration of all things print. The fair brings illustrators, designers and storytellers together to showcase their work to customers who come to shop from all over our brilliant city.

Liverpool Print Fair at Camp and Furnace, Nov 2019

The Fair

Our events are a great opportunity for the public to get to know the artists they’re buying from, as well as discover new and unique originals from a variety of people across the UK. It’s the perfect place to discover skilfully handmade prints and sequential art, with a dynamic mix of styles showcased among the stalls.

You’ll find all sorts of things to buy at our fairs including screen prints, risograph prints, woodcuts, linocuts, etchings, hand printed textiles, zines, comics, enamel pins, decorations, greetings cards, homewares and plenty of giftware.

Screen Printing workshop with Bear Four at Liverpool Print Fair, Nov 2019
Screen Printing workshop with Bear Four at Liverpool Print Fair, Nov 2019

Our Ethos

We focus strongly on community and creativity, offering workshops for the public to get involved in and opportunities for everyone to learn more about printmaking. The event grew from a love of creating images and turning them into prints, so we try to share that passion through our events and encourage everyone to awaken their creativity.

Liverpool Print Fair is an affordable art market, with original work on sale at a range of accessible price-points. There’s plenty you can pick up for small pocket change, as well as limited edition and original pieces for those who want something more special.

Our Team

Liverpool Print Fair was founded in 2016 by two friends, Abigail Sinclair of Things by us and Scott Duffey of Toucan Tango, both of whom had been taking part in similar events across the UK for a number of years. Having worked together on The Print Social since 2015, they felt that Liverpool needed more regular events dedicated to design and print.

Since 2018 the event has been co-ordinated by Abigail Sinclair, continuously celebrating prints and the people who make them through these events. Abi also enlists her partner Mark Adamson, who does a brilliant job designing all of the event materials and merchandise each year.

When she’s not making floor plans or emailing sellers, Abi designs and builds websites for small businesses at her company Yes Please.

Collage Workshop with Johanna Wilson at Liverpool Print Fair, Nov 2019
Collage Workshop with Johanna Wilson at Liverpool Print Fair, Nov 2019


Many of the things at our fair just wouldn’t be possible without the support of our fantastic sponsors and the venues we’ve worked with so far.

Since the beginning we’ve been fortunate to work with sponsors such as Awesome Merchandise, GF Smith Papers and Cass Art Liverpool. They have provided us with merchandise and tote bags for the public, paper for workshops and all of the paints and other materials we have needed.

We’ve also worked closely with the Bluecoat Print Studio many times over the past few years, who gave us a space to begin the print fair and have provided workshops for the public to learn printmaking every single year.

This fair is a passion project and a labour of love, so we’re really grateful to everyone who helps us along the way.