Liverpool Print Fair is a biannual print fair showcasing affordable art from a variety of talented printmakers, designers and artists. The fair brings together printmakers carefully selected by The Print Social from applicants across the UK. Now in its third year, Liverpool Print Fair is better than ever and it’s a great place to treat yourself to some amazing affordable art.

One of the great things about Liverpool Print Fair is the diverse mix of artists, designers, illustrators and printmakers that the event showcases. There’s something to suit everyone’s budget and tastes and you’re bound to find a new favourite print among the stalls.

Head over to the stallholders page to view the amazing talent that’s been showcased so far at Liverpool Print Fair.

Screen printing workshop with The Print Social at Light Night 2016

The Print Social

The Print Social was formed by a group of friends in Liverpool who are excited about traditional print methods and were looking for a way to meet similar folk. The group is intended to provide a platform for both experienced and inexperienced printmakers (as well as those who have yet to try printmaking) to share knowledge and get involved in exhibitions and bigger projects.

We organise a meetup every couple of months to get out of the studio, grab a coffee or a beer and chat about what we’ve been working on. This gives us a great opportunity to discuss ideas, solve technical problems and share tips on the best places to buy materials.

The Team

Abigail Sinclair printing at the Bluecoat Print Studio
Abigail Sinclair

Abe is a freelance web designer who also makes prints as part of Things by us. She organises Liverpool Print Fair as an excuse to gather all the artists she loves and show them off to the people of Liverpool.

Scott Duffey running a Print Social workshop
Scott Duffey

Scott is a digital designer who makes brilliant gig posters and prints as part of Toucan Tango. He formed The Print Social in 2015 to create events like Liverpool Print Fair which provide a platform to showcase the talent in Liverpool's creative community.

Mark Adamson running a Print Social workshop
Mark Adamson

Mark is an excellent graphic designer who loves minimal design and creates prints as the other half of Things by us. He does an amazing job of designing all of our fair materials including the branding and posters for the event.